Thursday, June 21, 2012

Progress Check...No More Shopping!

1) Start saving more money.
I really hate the fact that my very first resolution is a total fail since I have taken a few steps backwards on this goal. I have gone shopping more in the last 2 months than I had for the entire first part of the year. We have spent money on the house, medical bills and travel arrangements. Maybe I will make this my number one goal for the next few months. Hmmm. I wonder how long I can refrain from shopping? My guess... 2 days.

2.) Become more organized.
This is a forever battle. My house is getting there but it is a very slow, never ending process. I have 4 animals and a husband that has more "toys" and shoes than a 2 year old.

3.) Get toned.
Getting there. The hubs just told me the other night that I was looking really good! *pats self on back* :)
4.) To go more green and natural.
This was the easiest of them all. Aside from bleach for clothing, everything in our home is organic, "green" or all natural. I am officially doing my part.

5.) Give myself some more "me" time.
Ahahahaha. Next.

6.) Learn to cook nicer dishes as well as easy, in a pinch, dishes.

This would be much easier to do if I was actually home in the evenings... I signed up for a class earlier this month, so now I just need to wait for August to take it. It's a good thing the hubs likes  Mac & Cheese, pizza, and salads. :)

Looks like I have a ton of work to do. Maybe a glass (or 5) of wine will make it easier...


  1. Your attempts at meal planning and cooking sound like mine! I wish that I were home in the evenings to whip something up worthy of Betty Crocker or Paula Deen! For right now I'm sticking with cheese, crackers and wine, it never disappoints :)

    1. I really felt the need to respond because I laughed when I read your response. Last night Michael ate out so my dinner was brie, French bread and wine.:) Great minds…

  2. I am right there with ya with the shopping - I seem to go through spurts where I shop a lot and then not at all - but my shopping a lot spurts have been bad lately! :)

  3. I laughed out loud when I read the part about your husband having more toys and shoes than a 2 year old...bahahaha! Mine is the same way! And a clean house is always difficult with animals running around and hair floating about! Oh, and I love your response to "more me time"...hilarious!! I feel your pain!