Monday, April 30, 2012

Hello Monday!

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mine was very long and somewhat un-eventful, but very needed! I went into this last weekend with a list of things-to-do that were a mile long and thankfully got most of it done!

Friday evening I went to Happy Hour at Chevys with a bunch of girlfriends and had a blast. It was a nice way to end a busy week and you really can't beat their hh prices. I was able to eat, had two margaritas and brought home Michael dinner all for $20! I swear, hh really is the only way to eat out these days!

So my goal for the weekend was to get my spring cleaning out of the way. I wanted to streamline all of the extra "stuff" that we've collected in the last 4 years and get rid of it. My plan was that if it was still in boxes or hadn't been used in the last year I was going to donate it. Saturday I got up at 7am and was able to tackle the guest bedroom, my makeup studio and the living room. I had 6 boxes of stuff that needed to go to the Goodwill.
I started with the guestroom closet because it was a huge disaster. I mean I opened it and was actually a little embarrassed. Yes, there has been a lot that has happened in the last year that has taken up a lot of my time, but it was really, really bad. I almost wish I had a picture of it, but I didn't think to pull out a camera to document it.
Well, I got through those three rooms and was exhausted. By 8pm I was laying on the sofa wanting nothing more than to sleep I did. While Michael was catching up on the DVR, I was snoring on the sofa. :)

We got up early and went to the early service at our church. We are just starting out at this church, so it was nice to see the difference in attendance. Surprisingly the earlier service had more people! I am not sure why, but I always figured that the services later in the day would seat more. I guess I am the only one that likes to sleep in on Sunday mornings?

Church ended at 10 and back to the house we went. I changed out of my Sunday best and got right back into it. I was able to tackle the family room/kitchen and our Master. I filled 2 large moving boxes just from our closet alone! We finally hung up the curtains in our bedroom that I bought last October and I was able to reorganize my personal makeup collection. It was nice to go through it and get rid of products that I've had since the beginning of time. For the stuff that's still good, I've decided to do the Youtube Project 10 Pan. Michael was very happy when I told him this because it means that I am not allowed to purchase any new makeup products, limited edition or not, until all of the items that I decided I wanted to use up are gone. Luckily for me they were items that were halfway to mostly gone. I figure it will take me about a month, so it shouldn't be that difficult.

Well now it's Monday morning and I am back to work. Maybe now that my house is "so fresh and so clean, clean" I will finally do my home tour! Are any of you interested??

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Beauty of a Bookworm

About a year ago I was reading 1-2 books a week. I was unknowingly turning one of our spare bedrooms into a mini-library because I hated to get rid of books when I finished reading them. When I had my surgery I realized that I hadn't had much time to read for pleasure in the few months prior and I kind of missed it. I decided to trim down my collection so I could make room for some new additions. Michael thought I was crazy because I have an Ipad and he thinks I should be reading on that. I guess I am old school because I like the way an actual book feels in my hands, how it feels to turn the pages. Honestly though, I think my biggest draw to reading a physical copy of the book is the chance it gives me to get "lost" in a bookstore ...

Anyway, here are some of my favorite authors (and books) that I either discovered for the first time, or rediscovered, in the last month and a half.

 Jane Porter is probably one of my best finds. Her books are an easy read, but I can't ever seem to put them down once I start them!

 Karen Kingsbury is a wonderful Christian fiction author. She has a bunch of mini-series, and this is just one of them. I can't wait to finish this series and start another!

 Emily Griffin is such a fun author to read. I've read all of her books (I'm missing a few in the picture) and am rereading them because I love them so much.

If you love period novels, you will love Elizabeth Berg. This book was so well written that I actually had withdraws from it when I stopped reading it. So good!

Have you read any of these books? If so, what did you think of them? Do you have any recommendations for books that you think I should read? I am always open to suggestions!

Friday, April 27, 2012

High Five Friday

I know, I's blogger etiquette to only post once a day, but I found this linkup party through this wonderful blogger and I just couldn't resist! Call me crazy, but I love linkup parties!!

Anyway, the point of this linkup is similar to my Favorites Friday posts that I've done a bunch of. The only difference is you pick your top 5 things of the week. Fun or what?

1. I have been very into blogging this week (if you couldn't tell by my daily posts) and part of that was finding new bloggers to follow. Here are some of my new favorite bloggers. You should totally check them out!!
- Momentary Memories in the Life of Me is a blog I've talked about a few times now. She found me somehow and I am sooo glad that she did. I get very excited when I see she's written a new blog because I just love reading them. I totally think we could be friends if we lived in the same area!
- T is for Townsend is who I found this party though. I don't want to sound like I am sucking up since she posted about this, but she is seriously a fun blog to read!
-Girl in the Red Shoes is another newer blog I found while reading one of the more popular blogs. She just announced that her and her hubby are expecting and I am so excited to follow her journey!
-Possessionista Fashion Blog is a no brainer pick for me. I love seeing what people wear and this blog finds the answers for me. Love it!

2.  My hubby's ability to make me laugh in the worst situations has been great this week! The beginning of the week I was back in the hospital and since I am married to a 5 year old (not really, but you know what I mean) I found him doing this...

3. I've been loving Ebay and Amazon, more than usual, this week. Much to my hubby's dismay I have found a ton of cute spring and summer clothes. Normally I would buy them in the store so I can try them on, but I've been researching looks from The Possessionista's blog lately and...well the rest is history. :)

4. It has been very nice to be able to get out of the house and enjoy this nice weather we've been having. Michael BBQ'd a few times and we even opened up our garage and enjoyed being social with out neighbors this last week. My dream is to live on a street where everyone knows everyone and instead of people driving into their garages and closing the doors before they even exit the car, people actually get out and socialize. Most of my street is lumped into the first category unfortunately, but we are slowly getting people to be social. It's only taken 3 years! Haha...

5. My cousin has been posting a lot about saving animals instead of buying them from breeders. No offense if you are a breeder, one of my best friends did that for a bit, but I just don't agree with it. There are so many poor animals that are put down daily because there are not enough homes for them. Seeing my cousin's posts makes me want to go save another animal, but my husband has banned me from going to the SPCA...or any form of it. Every time I walk into one, I walk out with an animal. Haha. I just can't say no to those cute little faces! I pray that one day we will live in a world that realizes this and people become more responsible with their animals.

Let me know what your 5 favorite things of this week are and go link up to the party!

How Well Do You Know Me?


Natasha over at Schue Love did an open tag yesterday and I thought it would be fun to join in! As much as I want to be an open book on here; I feel like sometimes I don't share a lot about me. Because of that, here are some fun facts about me... :)

Eleven Fun Facts About Me
1. I went to school for English Education, but have also graduated from a Makeup Academy and went through the Police Academy in 2009. The best part? Currently I am getting certified in Interior Design. I think I will forever be a student because I absolutely love learning.

2.  Michael and I planned our first date on a Tuesday evening. Surprisingly enough, he was my second date that day. He never lets me live down the fact that I saved the best for last! :)

3. I have had my baby names picked out for as long as I can remember. I guess I picked well because Michael actually likes them!!

4. I have a birthmark on the tip of my nose. My dad used to call me his "little brownnoser" when I was little...

5. I change my hair color with the seasons. In the Fall/Winter I tend to be brunette and in the Spring/Summer I am usually a blonde. Whenever I go brunette Michael always whines "Where did my blonde wife go??" It's too funny!

6. I am a total bookworm and refuse to jump on the kindle bandwagon. There is just something about having a physical book in my hands...

7. I have gone through my closet in the last 6 months and got rid of everything that didn't fit or I didn't love. It is so nice to walk into my closet and know I want to wear absolutely everything in it!

8. I am allergic to spiders and Morphine...neither of which was fun finding out about.

9. I have a photo of my cat, his collar and a cedar box filled with his ashes in the butler's pantry. Yes, I am one of those people. Haha.

10. I graduated from high school early and went to junior college while all of my friends were still in high school. Even though I wasn't there every day, I still got to go to prom, the senior picnic and walk with my class at graduation.

11. I am absolutely OBSESSED with The Real Housewives of New Jersey. I was a giddy school girl when I realized the season was starting again. It's sad, I know, but I love it. Please don't judge....

Ten Questions...Answered
1. What is your profession? I am an HR Manager/ Admin Assistant for a BioEnergy company. I love my job and really love my co-workers. I was very blessed when I joined their team.

2. How would you describe your style? The 3 C's. Casual, Classic and Comfortable. I am not as into the trends as I was in high school/college. I would rather spend sixty dollars on a shirt that will last me a few years versus thirty on one I can only wear one season.

3. What is one make-up product that you can not live without? Eyeliner. I seriously look dead without it...

4. If you could be besties with one celebrity, who would it be? Jennifer Love Hewitt. I don't know what it is about her, but every show she's on I am/was obsessed with. I was seriously devastated when Ghost Whisperer ended too!

5. What is your dream vacation? I want to start at one continent (North America would be the most likely) and hit all 7 of them before them before I came home. I think that would be the coolest experience ever!

6. What magazines do you subscribe to? Flea Market Finds and People. I think I buy like 5 others at the supermarket though...

7. If you could have a special talent (that you don't currently have) what would it be? I would want to sew/knit. I have a few friends that do and I am always amazed with what they are able to create.

8. What is your favorite breakfast food? Hands down, hashbrowns. I could eat them morning, noon and night.

9. If you could do anything, what is your dream job? I want to own my own vintage/country cottage boutique. Don't laugh...but kind of like the one on Ghost Whisperer. :)

10. What is the best piece of advice you've ever received, and who gave it to you? You create you. Only you are in charge of whether or not you are happy. You are in charge of what you accomplish in life. You are in charge of you. Don't rely on others to fulfill you because at the end of the day, only you defines who you are. It was part of a poem we chose to have recited at our wedding and I have officially made it my new motto in life.

Natasha was able to openly tag everyone, so I am going to do the same. Let me know if you post this tag because I would love to see it! :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Spring Addiction Is...

Nail Polish!

While I also love polish in the fall & winter, my addiction really comes out in the spring & summer.  I probably have over 40 bottles...and unfortunately for my husband, they aren't the cheap stuff. My collection mainly consists of O.P.I., Butter London, Orly, Essie, Chanel, Zoya and China Glaze.

My Spring/Summer Collection

From Left to Right: Essie Shine of the Times, Chanel Mimosa, O.P.I. Bubble Bath,
Butter London Fairy Lights, O.P.I. A Grape Fit!, O.P.I. Mermaid's Tears, O.P.I. Gargantuan Green Grape
From Left to Right: Butter London Trout Pout, O.P.I. Melon of Troy, China Glaze Love Letters, O.P.I. In My Back Pocket, Orly Passion Fruit, O.P.I. Elephantastic Pink, O.P.I. Got A Date To-Knight, Essie Mambo

I usually change my polish 2-4 times a week depending on how much time I have. I tend to change my polish either in front of the tv or right after I've soaked in the bath (Is that a TMI moment? Sorry if it is!). If I am really enjoying a color I usually will just touch-up the chips, but most of the time I like to switch it up.

What spring/summer colors and brands are you addicted to?? I'm always in the market for trying new brands!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday

So I see fellow bloggers post photos of their outfits often and I love the idea. I really like how this blogger outlines her OOTD's and decided I wanted to use her outline.

Honestly, the only problem is I forget to take pictures of my outfits way too often. I think instead of promising to make this a weekly thing, I will just post it when I remember to take a few photos throughout the week of my outfits. Some of you may have picked up on the fact that I got very bored with Favorites Fridays and haven't written one in awhile. I don't want that to happen with Wardrobe Wednesday because it is such a fun idea. Some of my favorite blog posts and youtube videos are of people's outfits. If any of you follow me on pinterest you will notice that the clothing board is the one with the most pins. What can I say...I love fashion!

Top: Nordstrom BP Tank
Jacket: Black House White Markey
Bottoms: Hudson Black Skinny
Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Dress: Jessica Simpson
Shoes: Anne Klein

Top: Limited
Bottoms: Limited
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

Top: Splendid
Skirt: Limited
Shoes: Nordstrom's BP Brand

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday 10

I've posted about my top beauty products here in the past, but I wanted to link up with Mom2MemPhisandRuby for her weekly Tuesday 10 tag. This week it is Favorite Beauty Products and I thought it was a great week to join in.

Here are some of my favorites for myself and not necessarily for my pro kit...


Chanel Vitalumiere Fluid Makeup

Beauty Blender

Two Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Maybelline One by One Mascara

ESOS Lip Balm

Cocoa Radiant Vaseline Lotion

Nail Polish (any brand)

Zoya Nail Polish Remover

What are your top 10 favorite beauty products?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was fun and not nearly long enough! I ended up going back into the doctors on today so it was not the best ending to my weekend, but it was an ending none-the-less.
Friday was my FIL's birthday so Michael got Kings tickets for him. It is a running joke in our family that in the last 4 years of dating Michael, the Kings have not won a single game that I was sitting in the stands for. Now if you watch the NBA you would know that isn't saying much...but still! I was hoping that night would be different since it we were there for a birthday instead of a just because game. WRONG. They lost by like 10 points and the only time it was close was in the first quarter. I love my husband and FIL, but the Kings really are not that fun to watch.

I love Saturday's because it means one thing...garage sales! Michael and I love scoping different garage sales to see what we can find. It is very hit or miss, but when it's a's a huge hit. This last Saturday we scored holiday decorations, a creeper for working on the vehicles, some pictures for the dining room, 3 vintage barbies for an AMAZING price (I collect vintage barbies) and a coffee table. We are still in the process of redecorating (pictures will be up when we are finished) and the coffee table was exactly what I was looking for. The best part? It's ZGalleries and it was only $40 bucks! Like I said, score! 
Honestly, I don't think there was one thing we bought that I wasn't completly over the moon with. I think I left every garage sale thinking it was that much better than the last. It was crazy and I loved it!

Then I met up with my MIL & SIL for a Stella & Dot party. I love jewerly and found some really amazing pieces.

    via                              via                      via                        via

They ship the orders, so I am excited to receive them.

Later that afternoon we were invited over to a friend's house for the UFC fight. They had a pool going and Michael won it! It was a really fun night full of laughs, drinks and of course, great friends.

Sunday we woke up and got ready for church. Michael never had been to church before dating me so it is still a work in progress. He knows it is very important to me to raise our kids knowing that Sunday mornings are reserved for Chuch so he is slowly working into it. I love that he is willing to go with/for me and hopefully, one day, he goes for himself. 

After church we went to a few of the wineries that we are members at and enjoyed a lazy Sunday afternoon. 

Right now I am curled up on the sofa writting this blog while waiting for Michael to finish BBQing the steak. Dinner tonight will consist of a fruit salad, broccoli, steak and garlic bread. YUM.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and even better week!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thirsty Thursday

So since tomorrow is Friday, which is one of two "cheat days" for my diet, I figured I would post my favorite drink recipe of the moment. Michael and I don't usually drink during the week, so I always look forward to Friday after work when I can either open up a bottle of wine or make my latest obsession of the moment. It is called the Sarasota and it is delish! I take a bottle of my current favorite Moscato, SIP, and mix it with 3 bottles of Cascade Strawberry Lemonade.



I add a splash of Sprite and some ice and chopped strawberries or raspberries for that little extra something. I put all of this into one of my pitchers we received from the wedding and enjoy. 

This really has become one of my favorite drinks to indulge in on the weekends. I think it's partly because it is not too sweet, but not bland, and partly because the Moscato is from one of my new favorite wineries. A few friends and I stumbled upon Cycles Gladiator one Sunday morning when we realized that no Lodi, CA wineries opened before 11am and our husbands wanted to leave to go golfing at 9am. We really didn't want to wait around for over two hours before our day could start. After a little research we found that CG opened at 10am. Thinking it would be a Sutter Home moment, we decided we would try it out and just hope for the best. Let me tell you it was a very surprising moment when we all loved almost every wine. We actually loved it so much that all 3 of us joined their wine club and bought many multiple bottles. So, since I have a ton of SIP on hand I use that for my current drink of choice. :)

Hope you all try it out and let me know what you think! Also, if you live in Northern California and can venture over to Lodi, you should check out Cycles Gladiator. You really won't be disappointed if you do!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Surgery= Blogger’s Bust!

Well, I feel like I have officially fallen off the blogger radar because I've been gone so long! Some of you may know that I had surgery in late March and there were a few unexpected complications. After almost a month, I am finally back to work and into my normal routine. This means that I will start having some time (and energy) to get back into blogging!! :)

Since my last blog I've spent a ton of time catching up on some of my favorite shows...

...and even managed to fall in love with a few new ones!!

I was able to finish planning our first annual (at least that is the goal) Mother's Day Brunch. I had some invites made up from this etsy store. It was so inexpensive and she was so easy to work with. I loved it! I really enjoy hearing from our family right now because they have all said something about how cute the invites are. What do you think??
This is what they see when they open the envelope...

This is what the invite says... (sorry it is sideways. :-/)

This is the how it pulls apart. I just loved the flower pot idea for Mother's Day!

Easter came and went. It really was a wonderful day. We spend the morning at church and then we went over to my in-laws to celebrate with them. We have lost both of Michael's grandmothers since the new year began, so spending the holiday with them was very important to us.

I was able to finally get my new layout uploaded too! What do you think? I love it so stinking much!! I had the chance to work with one of the nicest bloggers/ etsy store owners out there! I searched high and low for someone that could design exactly what I had pictured in my head, but didn't exactly know how to verbalize it. Jana was absolutely wonderful and was even making some changes for me up until this last weekend. If you ever want to spruce up your blog, and don't know how, contact her. I highly  recommend her!

Considering I wasn't able to move around or do much these last few weeks I feel like I still accomplished a lot! How have you all been??