Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thirsty Thursday

So since tomorrow is Friday, which is one of two "cheat days" for my diet, I figured I would post my favorite drink recipe of the moment. Michael and I don't usually drink during the week, so I always look forward to Friday after work when I can either open up a bottle of wine or make my latest obsession of the moment. It is called the Sarasota and it is delish! I take a bottle of my current favorite Moscato, SIP, and mix it with 3 bottles of Cascade Strawberry Lemonade.



I add a splash of Sprite and some ice and chopped strawberries or raspberries for that little extra something. I put all of this into one of my pitchers we received from the wedding and enjoy. 

This really has become one of my favorite drinks to indulge in on the weekends. I think it's partly because it is not too sweet, but not bland, and partly because the Moscato is from one of my new favorite wineries. A few friends and I stumbled upon Cycles Gladiator one Sunday morning when we realized that no Lodi, CA wineries opened before 11am and our husbands wanted to leave to go golfing at 9am. We really didn't want to wait around for over two hours before our day could start. After a little research we found that CG opened at 10am. Thinking it would be a Sutter Home moment, we decided we would try it out and just hope for the best. Let me tell you it was a very surprising moment when we all loved almost every wine. We actually loved it so much that all 3 of us joined their wine club and bought many multiple bottles. So, since I have a ton of SIP on hand I use that for my current drink of choice. :)

Hope you all try it out and let me know what you think! Also, if you live in Northern California and can venture over to Lodi, you should check out Cycles Gladiator. You really won't be disappointed if you do!

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  1. This looks DELICIOUS!! I'm totally gonna have to try it! ...I'm one of your newer followers, found your blog through the wedding week link up back in March! =)