Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Surgery= Blogger’s Bust!

Well, I feel like I have officially fallen off the blogger radar because I've been gone so long! Some of you may know that I had surgery in late March and there were a few unexpected complications. After almost a month, I am finally back to work and into my normal routine. This means that I will start having some time (and energy) to get back into blogging!! :)

Since my last blog I've spent a ton of time catching up on some of my favorite shows...

...and even managed to fall in love with a few new ones!!

I was able to finish planning our first annual (at least that is the goal) Mother's Day Brunch. I had some invites made up from this etsy store. It was so inexpensive and she was so easy to work with. I loved it! I really enjoy hearing from our family right now because they have all said something about how cute the invites are. What do you think??
This is what they see when they open the envelope...

This is what the invite says... (sorry it is sideways. :-/)

This is the how it pulls apart. I just loved the flower pot idea for Mother's Day!

Easter came and went. It really was a wonderful day. We spend the morning at church and then we went over to my in-laws to celebrate with them. We have lost both of Michael's grandmothers since the new year began, so spending the holiday with them was very important to us.

I was able to finally get my new layout uploaded too! What do you think? I love it so stinking much!! I had the chance to work with one of the nicest bloggers/ etsy store owners out there! I searched high and low for someone that could design exactly what I had pictured in my head, but didn't exactly know how to verbalize it. Jana was absolutely wonderful and was even making some changes for me up until this last weekend. If you ever want to spruce up your blog, and don't know how, contact her. I highly  recommend her!

Considering I wasn't able to move around or do much these last few weeks I feel like I still accomplished a lot! How have you all been??

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  1. Definitely been watching The Client List as well....LOVE Jennifer Love Hewitt!