Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Tale of 4 Cities... Bachelorette Style

Well, it's Tuesday again! Even though I just linked up with Is It Normal, you all know I don't like to miss a week of critiquing recapping Emily's choices. Thankfully she realized the error of her way this week and sent home the spaz.

The first hometown date was in Chicago. Chris took her to an authentic Polish Pub and then over to meet his family. Chis seemed very lovey-dovey and Emily seemed like she would be more into scrubbing bunions off her feet. There was no chemistry and it was kind of boring to watch... Luckily he didn't get a rose this week, even though I thought he was going a little 5150 over the whole situation. It's been 6 weeks dude...not 6 years!

On a side note...Chris really needs to lay off the coffee!! That man is wound so tightly that it causes him to twitch. He seemed like a nice guy, but sometimes nice guys turn into psychos because they don't know how to control their feelings...

The next hometown date was good 'ol Jef. Emily seemed to fit in and Jef's family seemed like they really cared about this process without being uptight about it. They seemed to get along great and my favorite part of the date was when Jef read Emily the letter he wrote. It was so different than the awkward moment between Emily and Ryan and I thought it was the perfect way to end a great date.

Next up Emily went to Scottsdale, AZ. The date went okay, but like Chris, I wasn't blown away. They met at the racetrack and he was able to convince Emily take a ride in his indie car. While I think she likes Arie, I think she is finally realizing that he may not be cut out for a family right now. His lifestyle is very different than hers and while his family was nice, I do not think she fit in. It was a little awkward when his family started speaking Dutch in front of her when they knew she was completely clueless as to what they were saying. Couldn't that have waited until after she was gone...?

The last date was with my favorite bachelor...maybe ever...Sean. They went to Dallas and Emily fit in like you wouldn't believe. Just the fact that he started the date off by walking his dogs won me over. It was simple like her hometown date was, yet was very much him...laid back and fun. While at his parent's house he tricked Emily into believing that he still lived at home...in a pigsty no less. It was funny and everyone seemed to get along great.

Next week I am banking on her dumping Arie. While I have had my doubts about him in the past, he still just doesn't do it for me. I am team Sean and Jef all the way!

Honestly, aside from watching Jef and Sean in their element, my favorite part of the night was Emily's fashion. Here are a few of my favorite Emily pieces...

Emily's cardigan
Emily Maynard pleated white dress at Jef's family
Emily Maynard print maxi at Sean's house
Emily Maynard's pink tie dye tee
Emiy Maynard's striped hoodie sweater
Emily's open weave, cable cream sweater
Sweater: Karen Kane

Emily's tie dye beach cover up
Emily's striped maxi dress

Emily Maynard's gray leather jacket

Emily Maynard striped green sheer blouse
Photo c/o ABC

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  1. I love Sean the best too! I love Emily's style and have it on my blog too! :)

    And....Chris. He needs some Xanax.