Friday, February 15, 2013

Spread the Love!

Well I am officially one lucky girl! This year I not only had one amazing Valentine (the hubs) but I also was paired with the amazing Jessica for the amazing Spread the Love Valentine's Day Sawp.

I signed up for the swap hosted by Erin & Megan back in the middle of January and I couldn't be happier that I did. The idea behind it gave bloggers, like myself, the chance to meet other ladies and share in the fun of the holiday. 

Well I can HONESTLY say that I was spoiled and Jessica went waaaaaay above and beyond!

At first we had problems getting in touch with each other because her email went to my spam box. I usually check my email from my phone so I don't even glance at the spam box. One night I happened to login using my computer and realized she had reached out to me a few times. Of course I appoligized numerous times, but she said it was no big deal and responded like we had been friends for years! Really, this girl is awesome!

So even though I caused us to have a delayed start, she still managed to get me my package ahead of schedule. It wasn't just any package had some of the coolest goodies in it ever. It put the package that I sent to Hannah to shame.

Here's what I received...

 I never bought this movie because I thought it looked corney but Michael & I watched this last night for Valentine's Day and it was actually really good! I am so glad she got me this!

Look at these colors. They are SOOOO my shades!
Such a pretty bracelet. LOVE it!

So like I said above; I am one lucky girl! Thank you Jessica!! XOXO


  1. Hi, Amanda! I just got your comment on my post today, but can't respond b/c your email isn't listed on your profile! I did a post about that while back if you wanna fix it really quick :)

    Email me, I'd love to chat!

  2. Yay!! I'm so glad you participated and got hooked up with goodies, despite the email/spam confusion! I actually LOVE that movie- I think it's just a cute, fun feel-good movie :) TGIF!

  3. Amanda, I got your package & loved all the goodies! so so sweet!! & even better I found your blog!!! congrats on the little one on the way & you can bet I'll be peeking over here quite often now :) Happy Valentines day & thanks again!!


  4. I am so glad you liked it!! :) So happy to meet you!!