Monday, April 8, 2013

just the two of us

So this last Tuesday the hubs went back to work. It was so strange just not having everyone and their brother (and sister, cousin, mother & dog) here. Honestly, I didn't quite know what to do without all of the hustle and bustle. Jackson and I finally got to just hang out! Man was it nice!
As nice as it was, it was short lived because my Uncle & Aunt came into town to meet Jackson. They wanted to hit up a few of the wineries that we are members at so before I knew it I was *that mom* for the afternoon. You know the kind of mom that you swore you'd never be like...the one you commented under your breath about to your friends? I never understood why adults needed to bring their children to a winery. I just didn't understand... I mean it couldn't be that fun for them. Well now I can't judge! 

Anyway, back to the point. haha. We headed over to two of the wineries that the hubs and I are members at. They enjoyed tasting and I was able to pickup two shipments of wine. Win win!

Later in the week Jackson had his 6 week check-up. He was given thumbs up in all areas and the doctor was very happy with his weight gain. While 9lbs 12oz may not be a lot to most; you have to remember that this little guy came early and under 6 lbs. He gained almost 3 whole lbs in 6 weeks. Boobie milk...does a body good. ;)

Overall our first week sans hubby went really well. I was able to figure out some sort of a "routine" least as much I can have one with a 6 week old. Jackson was able to meet some additional family members and we enjoyed tummy time much more when there wasn't an army of visitors surrounding us. :)

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