Tuesday, November 1, 2011

♥ November!

Happy November everyone! Halloween is now over and it’s time to put away all of the bats, jack-o-lanterns and witches. It’s a shame really because I do really love Halloween. It’s probably one of my favorite holidays…and this year was no exception. 3 parties and 2 sets of haunted houses later I am exhausted!

This weekend started out with a bang…literally. Friday night we went to couples poker at a friend’s house. Some of us got dressed up…and others wanted to wear sweats. :) Michael was still a cop and this time I was a convict that he killed. My inmate number was 09232011 and I had a huge bullet wound on the side of my face. Best part was Michael had blood on his hand!

Then Saturday rolled around and we got together to have an estate sale for Michael’s grandmother’s things. It went well, but I was exhausted to say the least. That night Michael went to a boy’s poker night (guess there is no such thing as too much poker) with some friends while Mara and I made the journey down to Pleasanton to experience their haunted house set-up. It was so much fun and thankfully there were no clowns! Thanks Tim & Liz for the invite. It was a blast hanging out with you both and I know Mara enjoyed the break from school work.

Sunday was another crazy day. I ran all of my errands and went grocery shopping for the week. That night Michael and I decided to catch up on some SOA while enjoying a steak and potatoe dinner.

If only the journey was over there… Yesterday was Halloween and I got to be a “dead employee” at work. I figured out how to create open wounds and wanted to play around with it this year. Everyone at work loved it and most everyone took pictures of it.
Then I went home and cooked a great dinner and enjoyed a jack and coke with my hubby while watching Hocus Pocus and other Halloween movies.

It’s a shame it’s over…but now the real fun begins with Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Everything is so jammed packed already and I am soooo excited for it all!

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