Friday, October 28, 2011

10 Loves Friday

Aaaaand I’m back with another week’s worth of loves. One of my new favorite things to do Thursday evening is sit on the sofa and surf the internet for things that strike me. Below are this week’s winners…

Adorably Chubby Babies- I am on a baby kick right now. While I am not planning on getting pregnant for a little while; I am still obsessed with all things baby. Most parents hope that their babies will be healthy and have all 10 fingers and toes. Me? I take it up a notch…I want my baby to be a “chunky monkey.” :)

Cinderella- Well… I am still on the love kick and I think Cinderella is the perfect fairytale. While we all may not be treated as the unwanted child, there are still hard moments in every girl’s life. Eventually, hopefully, we all find our prince and get our fairytale. :)

Country Music- I don’t think I should even have to explain this. Anyone that knows me knows I am obsessed with Country Music. 99.999% of the time that is what is on my stereo…and that is just how I like it!
Friends- I am not talking about the television show either. Instead, I am talking about all of the friends that I have. Not the superficial ones that only think of themselves…not the ones that come and go depending on which way the wind blows…real friends. I have said all of my life that I would rather have a handful of good friends that I can count on and that I know are there. Luckily for me, Michael and I have found that handful of real friends and I wouldn’t change them for anything…and for that I am thankful. 

Naps- I have said this for years and now I’ve finally found a photograph that says it too. Naps are HIGHLY underappreciated. I really think naptime should be a staple in everybody’s day…just like dinner. Just imagine how much nicer the world would be if we all weren’t so exhausted all of the time… 

Musicals- I LOVE musicals! I will never forget seeing Grease in London when I was 17 years old. While that Grease is still my all-time favorite Wicked was definitely a close second. *sigh* Who wants to go to a musical with me?? 

Wine- Not only do I love wine in general…but Arrington Vineyards is by far my favorite winery. Unfortunately for me, they are located in Tennessee. Oh well…I guess that is what shipping is for. :)

Sex and the City- Anyone that knows me knows I am OBSESSED with this show. I mean I wore the same shoes the day of my wedding(s) that Carrie Bradshaw wore when she married Mr. Big. It is the one show I can proudly say I know almost every single line too, and still DVR it.

Looking at homes- I have always loved looking at model homes and open houses. If I see one I tend to stop. Well, now Michael and I are on a mission to buy another house in the next 18 months or so and I can’t stop looking. I even look online... Think I’m impatient much?

Homemade Italian Food- I am Italian and so is Michael. To say that pastas are a huge part of our diet is a ridiculous understatement. Because we eat so much of it I have learned to be very picky about what kind of pastas I eat. It is the one type of food that I am totally okay with making from scratch and usually have the ingredients on hand to do so. Really…there isn’t anything better!

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