Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Aaaand then there were four

You know the episode is good when you get a text from your mom, when you didn't even realize she watched the show, saying "I can't believe Emily's choice". After discussing it more I realized she really didn't like one of the guys left standing.

The episode started off with everyone arriving in Prague. Can we say gorgeous?? I had no idea it was so breathtaking there.

When the guys arrived they were told that there would be three 1:1 dates and one group date. Unfortunately Arie received another 1:1 date. Can you tell I don't like the guy? The big "scandal" was a total crock. You can tell Chris Harrison wants some more face time on tv because he felt the need to tape a separate little segment explaining how Arie dated a producer (who was not cute btw) years ago. They made a big deal about taping her response when the producer told her, but didn't actually tape Arie, Emily & the producer talking through it. Dumb!

Next up was the 1:1 date with John aka "Wolf". That boy cleans up nicely. Don't you agree? Well, Emily took him to the John Lennon wall to write lyrics about love and I think I vomited a little in my mouth when he drew a boat to signify their time in Bermuda. Yes, that is sweet. Yes, he seemed genuine about it. Problem is the whole situation just seems very rushed and dramatized to me.

That brings me to the oh-so-fun group date that everyone fights to go on. Chris (who my mom thinks is a creep), Doug and Sean were the chosen few. As they were exploring the city and some old castles, Emily decided to send Doug home. Thank God, Hallelujah! Her reasons you ask (not that she needs any because he was just awkward) were that their relationship wasn't moving fast enough for her... hmmm. She said she didn't want to keep him from his son any longer since she already knew he wasn't the one. He looked crushed and she looked annoyed sad.

So now the group date turned into a 2:1 date. Thankfully Emily gave Sean the rose! Chris then proceeded to pout like a 2 year old because he was afraid he wouldn't be able to tell her how he felt.

The last date was with another favorite of mine; Jef. Everyone thought he was slow off the line and wouldn't make it this far, but now you all see what I've been rooting for! They acted out their relationship with the puppets that they picked up at the antique shop and then laid on the floor to fantasize what their future would hold.... I don't think I need to tell you what happened next...

Emily decided there was no need to have a rose ceremony because she already knew who she wanted to send home. Still acting like a 2 year old, Chris overreacted and interrupted the rose ceremony to tell her he was falling for her. We will never know if that swayed Emily's decision, but when everything was said and done she sent home John.

Sean, Arie, Jef and Chris are the four left standing. The way I see it she has a 50/50 shot of not picking a total DB. Next week: Hometown dates. Yay!!
Favorite Moments of the Night:

  1. I think I blushed a little when I watched Sean and Emily's make out session in the ally way. Holy smokes that was hot. I looked right at the hubs and said that was one scene I wanted to reenact!

     2. Jef and Emily's make out session on the floor of that gorgeous library was too cute! I've added another item to my list of Bachelorette "must-do's".


  1. hi there! I just found your blog and read your "about me" section- I think we'd get along great considering I also hate cleaning, refuse to take out the trash and am a total diehard wine fan!

    Look forward to reading more about you!

  2. haha your mom is to funny texting you commenting on the season. yes prague is beyond gorgeous and a must visit place or sure! oh yes the season with emily and jef making ut i sure hope ricki wasn't in the room watching her momma during the episode last night. and i hope chris and arie go soon i am over them. i was really over chris's moodiness last night it was like he was pmsing or something

  3. I was a little annoyed with Doug too!!! I am totally team Jef!!! Thanks for linking up lady!!