Monday, June 25, 2012

Silly Boys...Guns Are For Girls

So the hubs is without a doubt a "mans man." He works with his hands, hates being cooped up inside when he could be outside "tinkering" or building something, sports = life in his eyes, and he loves to work on his car.

Haha. This is his actual the fact that he has taken these kind of photos of it should prove my point...

Now, with that said, when we first got together I was the one that owned all of the camping gear and I was the one with a gun obsession. Growing up my parents always had land, so camping was like second nature to me. The gun thing came later though. While we were together in 2009 I went through the police academy. I learned that shooting was not only fun, but pulling the trigger needed to feel like second nature if there ever came a time *God forbid* that I would need to actually use it.

Me in all of my glory. :)

Since that day he has happily taken over both. The mail man probably thinks we own stock in Cabelas and our gun "collection" is steadily growing..which takes me to our fun filled weekend.

Saturday we went to the gun range and I got to play sniper. It was soooooo much fun!

 Actual sniper rifle I shot

I was able to shoot about 10 different kinds of guns (including the sniper rifle above) and I have officially decided that a Ruger 1022 will soon make it's way into our gun safe. Unlike the sniper gun, it virtually has no kick and it was so much fun to shoot! Plus, I found one in pink!!

My future pink 1022 :)

Sunday was a little less exciting. Our home looked like a bomb went off in it so I woke up early and went room by room until it was a little more presentable. Just ask the hubs; I am far from a neat freak...but somehow I always think our house it dirty. Not mold growing in glasses and hair clumps in the corner dirty...just cluttered and dusty dirty. Oh well. Maybe one day my home will stay pristine and I won't have to "spring clean" four times a year... I am not holding my breath though.

How was your weekend? Do anything fun??

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  1. You go girl!! I've only shot a gun a couple times at my uncle's house but always thought it was SO COOL! I bet a shooting range would be very fun! You definitely need that pink gun in your life :)

    I'm the same way with always thinking our house needs dusted or picked up. I just can't stand clutter...!