Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Bachelorette: Dinner Mission = Success!!


Well it's Tuesday so that means it's recap time...and what a recap it will be!

Last night the group was in Croatia. It was absolutely gorgeous and it has now made my list of must visit places. Emily sent her daughter home so she could concentrate on the guys and the process according to her intro. For this reason, I truly hope she finds love this time.

Moving on...Emily decided to take egg man Travis on the first 1:1 date. The hubs said there was something off with him, but I just think he's a sweet southern gentleman. I thought the date went well, but I didn't think they had much chemistry. Without a doubt he will make some woman happy and I am sure he has them lining up after this show.

The next day Emily took the guys out on the group date. They watched the movie Brave and then participated in their own version of the Highland Games. I say this every week, but if I wasn't married I would be all over Sean like white on rice. He is the perfect gentleman, gorgeous and if you watched last night... you saw the muscles. According to People magazine Liam Hemsworth and Chris Evans are two of the hottest men alive. Obviously they didn't know about Sean yet!

Okay, enough of my drooling and back to the recap. A few arrows and a broken tree limb (thanks to Sean) later Emily, handed out the Bravery cup. She gave it to Chris because even though he came in last at the games, he stepped up and was willing to put himself out there. Later that night she gave him the rose as well. While I like Chris...I just don't think he's the guy for her.

The final date was a 1:1 with Ryan. While I am sure he is a nice guy deep (deep, deep, deep, deep, deep) down, he doesn't show it much on the show. He reminds me of an ex. Very smooth, good looking and a total "salesman". The problem is when you really listen to what they are saying they underline everything with condescending, degrading remarks. Even the best editing can't make that crap up! When Emily decided she couldn't give him a rose, it seemed like there was going to be a Bachelorette first because he was trying so hard to change her mind. His eyes didn't look hurt, they looked mad... controlling almost. Finally after he realized she wasn't changing her mind, during that awkward talk, they parted ways.

The rose ceremony was boring. I thought John made some progress, but I really don't understand why Doug is still there. He is nice, but he is not someone I would picture her with. He isn't spontaneous or "fun" enough for her. In the end, she kept all 6 remaining guys and next week they are heading over to Prague...and it looks like Arie will have some splainin' to do. I kept saying there was something insincere about him. We shall see if I was right...

OH! And has anyone else noticed that Emily is making out with guy after guy on this show. She even made out with Arie on her bed when he snuck out to suck up consul to her. Fine. Great. That's normal when you are dating someone...but does anyone else remember her giving Brad holy h*ll for it? Don't get me wrong, I love her and realize that the situation they are in is what's not normal...not her kissing the guy she's with in the moment. I just think it's funny how she came down on Brad for it and now she will have to explain it to whomever she chooses.


  1. I agree with you - the rose ceremony was boring - I was flipping channels a little bit! I liked Doug in the beginning, but now he's annoying me a little! Thanks for linking up again!! :)

  2. hey I found your blog from Haley's Liebster post. I am obsessed with the bachelorette! I like sean a lot but ARIE takes it to a whole nother level I love them! I think he is genuine. From what I have heard the whole producer thing was way in the past and not a serious relationship at all. i do not think it should be made into a big deal but we shall see.


  3. Do you follow/read Reality Steve at all? I don't watch the Bachelor/ette at all but I read his stuff for the spoilers... I"ll stay quite through the reviews I promise :)