Friday, July 6, 2012

Guest Post: CoverGirl + Converse

Hi all! I'm Taylor and I blog over at CoverGirl + Converse, and I am so very excited to be guest posting for Amanda today! I thought I'd share with you all a healthy way to attain that bronzy glow this summer. The sun's rays have so many harmful effects on our skin, including advanced aging and burning. And here's a real shocker: suntans fade within a few days, but the damage done to the skin is permanent and irreversible. There's no denying that bronze skin is both beautiful and trendy, so how can we get a summer glow without damaging the skin? Well I'm here to help - below are a few products that help you achieve a natural-looking glow, plus they are completely safe. 

Healthy Summer Glow Essentials

Sunless Tanning Foam - Purchasing a bottle of sunless tanning foam (or lotion) is essential to attaining an allover tan without sun exposure. I personally use Jergens, and it works wonders! It does not splotch or discolor like some self-tanning products out there, but it gradually creates a natural looking glow that appeals to your personal skin tone. Plus, this light & refreshing foam is so fun to use!

After Sun Lotion - Now I'm not asking you to stay indoors all day with the blinds closed - in fact, spending the day at the pool is a regular occasion for me! I only suggest that you protect yourself wisely, and after a day in the sun be sure to apply a nourishing after-sun product like the Philosophy one above. This will rejuvenate your skin and prevent it from any peeling or damage.

Cheek Bronzer + Bronze Highlighter - As you start to achieve your summer glow, you'll need to match it with your face! I personally adore Estee Lauder's bronzer. It goes on light and looks very natural. I also find it handy to carry a bronze highlighter in my purse for on-the-go freshening up, and Benefit has a wonderful sun beam product that I've heard great things about.

I hope these tips have been helpful in informing you how to attain a bronze glow this summer while keeping your skin protected and healthy!

It has been a pleasure posting at It's A Powell Life, and I hope to see you all over at CoverGirl + Converse soon!


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