Tuesday, July 17, 2012

twenty seven candles = way too many

Today I will get to experience the lovely sight of seeing 27 candles on my cake. Honestly, there is no way I can possibly be this old! It feels like just yesterday that I was graduating high school...even celebrating my 21st birthday. Now I am 27, which is that much closer to 30.

Everyone has their "scary age". Even Miranda and Carrie from SATC had a scary age. Mine is 42 and I have no idea why.... I realized today that I am now only 15 years from my scary age. Yes, I understand that I've got time...but yesterday I was still 16 years away and now I am only 15. Seriously...it's getting scarrier by the minute.

26 was a great year for me. I got married and managed to survive a ton of life changing events that seemed to happen back-to-back. It taught me that I am strong and my bond with the hubs is even stronger than what I thought. I still thank God every day for bringing him into my life and I know that he is one of the main reasons why 26 was a good year for me.

Though as great as 26 was; I can't wait to see what 27 brings. So much is changing and I am excited to see where it brings me!

This week has been kind of a whirlwind, which is why I haven't been on much the last few days. There has been lots of celebrating and fun...and it isn't done yet. This last weekend the hubs surprised me with a trip to San Francisco. We caught a Giants {best MLB team...EVER :)} game and I was able to do some shopping at all of my favorite stores. Tonight we are celebrating with the in-laws and tomorrow I get to go to dinner with some of my closest friends. My mom will fly in on Thursday to celebrate with me...which I think I am most excited about. Saturday we are celebrating one of my best friend's birthday and ending it with a day trip on Sunday.

This week is going to be so much fun and I can't wait to share it all with you!


  1. Happy birthday pretty girl!!! I hope 27 is a great year for you!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! I hope it is fabulous! :)

  3. Happy Birthday Amanda! 26 was quite the year, I'm so glad we get to be blog friends and real life friends too!!! xoxo - I've never thought about a "scary age"... now you've got me thinking! Looking forward to celebrating the fabulous YOU!