Monday, July 9, 2012

Uncensored on Emily

(Written right after the Rose Ceremony)

I loved Emily on Brad's season, but right now I think a blade of grass is smarter. How could you keep Arie and let Sean go?!?! Without even touching on the fact that he just seems like a male version of Vienna to me...your lifestyles are SO not in sync...
  1. You claim to get up before 6:30 and he rolls out of bed (when he is even home) around 9.
  2. He eats out every night because he "loves people" and you are a self-proclaimed homebody. How does that mesh well? How does your daughter fit in with his family?
  3. You can't even trust yourself to hang out and talk with him in the fantasy suite because you think something will happen that you know shouldn't.
  4. You openly admit that you didn't think he had even thought in detail about what it would take to step into the role as a father. Aren't you supposed to give the person you want to marry the benefit of the doubt and trust their judgment?
  5. Lastly, how do you make a marriage work when it takes you until the second to last week to talk about serious things because you were too busy kissing for the last 6 weeks?

Honestly, I really do like Jef, but I loved Sean. He stood for everything real and sincere.

As the Daily Tay pointed out...

You go to parties & hang out with Jef.
You have a fling with Arie.
You marry Sean.

Next week's episode will be an interesting one for sure!

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  1. Found you through the link up!

    I completely agree with you on Emily's decision. She is basically an idiot for letting Sean go home. I honestly think she made the decision based on her physical attraction to Arie...girl, that will NOT make a marriage last.

    You said EVERYTHING that I feel about these 3 guys. I really like Jef and I think he's a great guy, but he IS a person that you would have a good time with. I LOVED Sean and I was so sad that he went home last night.