Monday, July 9, 2012

Vacations Past

One of the main reasons I knew I could marry Michael was the fact that we'd never had a bad vacation together. I mean I had gone on vacations with past boyfriends and all we ever did was argue and get mad at each other. With the hubs... it was always easy and fun.

Since our one year anniversary is fast approaching; the hubs and I decided that it was high time we started thinking about where we wanted to go. Originally we said we were going to go back to the beautiful resort that we got married at, but have decided that we would rather stay in the US this year.

While throwing out different destination ideas, we were reminded of some of the fantastic trips we've taken in the past. Since being together we've been to NYC for New Years Eve, Nashville, Jamaica, Florida... and of course our wedding cruise that took us to Cayman Islands, Roatan, Belize and Cozumel.

Each trip was fun and unique. I of course will say our wedding cruise was my favorite (for obvious reasons) but really loved all of the other trips as well!

*About to experience photo vomit*

Here is a look back at some of our fun adventures together...


 Next to the Nashville sign. Dream come true!!

 Isn't my hubby adorable? Standing in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

 Faith Hill & Tim McGraw's house (according to the stalker tour we took.) :)

 I fell in love with this flower pot! If only it didn't cost over $100.00 to ship!!


 Yup...that's my hubby! :)

 Don't mind the roots. Lol!

 I do not recommend trying to find the Yankee stadium at night. It was S-C-A-R-Y...but a lot of fun!

 Rocking my 2010 purchase. :)

 It rained, snowed and fell below freezing...but we did it!

 Such a fun experience...but one I do not need to do again. Haha

 Tasti D'lite was not so tasty. We only went there because it was on SATC.

 Such a fun tour. Even the hubs liked it.

 ...Why the hubs like the SATC tour. :)


 First drink at the resort.

 There are no words for this photo...

 Notice the 2 drinks in front of was a theme this trip!

 Please see photo above for description. :)

 :) Best way to spend Thanksgiving...EVER

 Once words. :)

 I love this man!


 Enjoying Miami Beach. :)


 On the tender in Grand Cayman

 Did I mention I HATE heights...

 Off to dinner <3

 The present left on our bed

 The bug behind me on the sea plane.

 After he tore ligaments in his ankle...2 days before the wedding...

If you made it through all of those you deserve an award!

Where have you been on vacation and where would you recommend we go there for our first anniversary??

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  1. Love all the travel pix! Hubby and I really wanted to go to Key West for our 1 year anniversary but decided on Disney World instead! Our son will be 10 next year and we wanted to take him before he completely lost interest in the place. Maybe next year we'll get to that island we want to go to:) As for a 1 year anniversary trip for you?! What about the California coast? My cousin and her husband went there and LOVED it! Good luck finding a place, and let us know when you do ;-)

  2. We went to Key Largo when we were in Florida last year and it motivated me to get back there and go to Key West. If only it wasn't clear across the country from us!
    We live on the CA coast, so we drive up and down it often for weekend trips. It really is beautiful and I would recommend it to people too! :)