Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Who says you can only have 1 tree??

Normally we have a huge tree in the family room. This year, however, I am moving a little slower than normal, so I decided to give the hubs a break. Since we already had an abundance of fake smaller trees (have I mentioned I am a Christmas fanatic??) I just decided to put those up this year. According to the hubs Christmas came early this year because I didn't make him pull everything down and haul in a 10ft tree. Note to self... a 5ft tree and two 3 1/2 ft trees somehow translates to an early Christmas. :)

Below are a few pictures from each tree. You will notice that each tree come equipt with it's own theme. So cute!!

Tree One
These ornaments are ones from our childhood & ones that we've collected over the last 5 Christmases. :)
 My mom bought this for me one year in Vegas. It combined two of my favorite things in life. <3 Heels and snowmen. <3
 SF Giants baby!
Just because the hubs loves them... Sacramento Kings.
 This ornament was for my grandpa. He passed away when I was 6 (if my baby brain memory serves me correctly...). I was born on his birthday so even though I barely remember him, I still keep his memory going.
 The only ornament the hubs had from his childhood.  His dad isn't sure what happened to the rest. :( I hate it, but it will adorn our tree every year just because.

Tree Two
 Here is my third love in life...vintage Barbies. From about 12 years old on I started collecting vintage Barbies. I have the first barbie ever made, along with about a 1/2 dozen others, the original Ken doll and numerous outfits. I have so many ornaments that I couldn't even put them all on the tree. The hubs doesn't care if I put this tree up (anymore) as long as I keep it on the small tree and keep it tucked away. This tree sits on the side table that lines the wall going to our bedroom. Oh how I love this tree!

 I threw in some "country" snowmen for good measure. They go well with Barbie...don't you think?

Tree Three
 This would normall be where out big tree goes (the speaker and blanket basket would get moved obviously). It is a traditional red & silver tree with vintage/antiqued wrapping paper. The tree skirt is the tree skirt that my family used growing up and actually matches my stocking.
 Here are two doves and a snowflake.
 One of my favorite ornaments (on this tree) would have to be the red/zebra print ball. I think it gives the tree a little "somethin' somethin'."
 In my family the animals exchange gifts. This year I decided to buy cat/dog Christmas wrapping paper. You know you're jealous because it is just so stinking cute! :)
This was the hubs stocking at his grandma's house. When she passed away this year we took it and now it sits under the tree with a Santa boot that a family friend made for my mom years ago.

So there you have it. You have now taken a small tour of the trees that decorate our house. Could you believe this was me scaling back?

Oh how I love Christmas!!


  1. I love that you have little themed trees everywhere! We always do a huge one in our family room and one in my sons room:)

  2. I love the Barbie themed tree! So, so cool! Newly following :)