Friday, December 21, 2012

why christmas was meant to be in the winter...

Well Christmas is only a few days away so I thought I would post about what makes this time of year so much fun. I am not talking about spending time with family and friends. I am not even talking about decorating my house. Those are all givens to me. What I am talking about is all of those little things that just make the day a little more fun...more merry.

Philosophy Candy Cane Body Scrub- This is without a doubt the only reason why I shower in the morning instead of at night. The smell of this wakes me right up. Plus it makes my skin all nice and smooth for the day. Who can beat that?
Festive Holiday Socks- The hubs thinks I am crazy for the amount of Christmas socks I own, but I think I am just being festive. They are beyond cute and keep my always chilly feet warm.
Starbucks- Oh how I love thee. This time of the year has to be my favorite because it's when Starbucks brings back all of their fun holiday drinks. Man do I miss those throughout the year!
Hunter Rain Boots- It doesn't snow where I live, but it sure does rain. These things keep my feet dry and are so cute on. I honestly don't know what I did before I owned a pair of these puppies.
Deborah Lippmann Red & White Sparkle Nail Polish- Best glitter nail polish around. It's festive and the sparkles are so gorgeous. Love, love, love.
BBW Marshmallow Fireside Candle- Love this smell. 95% of the time this candle is burning in my house. I love to scent layer too so this scent works perfectly. It goes with just about anything else I would want to burn and is that perfect combo of sweet and Christmas-y.

What small, everyday things remind you of Christmas?


  1. The smell of my fresh Christmas tree:) and I LOVE seeing all the Christmas lights. Starbucks is pretty great too;)

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