Friday, January 18, 2013

invasion of baby jordans!

I am not sure if I have ever mentioned the hubs complete and total obsession with Michael Jordan shoes. Now when I saw obsession...I really do mean obsession. The past 3 Christmases he has gotten me up at 4am so we could both log onto websites to purchase their special edition shoes. I've even gone to the mall at 2am to purchase a pair for his Christmas present. Now I mention that to show how good of a girlfriend I was before I became a good wifey. :) However, it is something that I will never do again because I seriously feared for my life that night with all of the other crazies that do that!

Anyway, back to my point. I was working in the nursery today and I started to unbox all of Jackson's clothing, baby booties and shoes when I noticed a trend. Almost every single pair of shoes/baby bootie my child owns has the jumpman logo on it...and I didn't buy them! Now I knew that he was buying some baby shoes because he is getting the baby shoes that match his...but I didn't realize the extent to which this had gone because I just put all of them in the closet...

The hubs "collection" of Jordans. This doesn't include the 2 pairs I am holding hostage and the 6 that he wears often so they are in a different area of the closet. For those of you that don't want to count that, I will make it easy for you. That's 36!

Jackson's new collection which doesn't include the two orange & black (Giants colors so I approve) booties that have been ordered, the pair that the hub's mom bought him for Christmas that I just remembered about... AND the 2c pair that is also on it's way. 

What I have bought for Jackson...

You think my husband is happy we are having a baby boy so he can have a "mini me"? LOL!


  1. SO stinkin' cute! My son is becoming obsessed with Jordans now. Guess he's at that age. (He'll be 10 in May!) Love all the baby Jordans;)

  2. SO sweet! My son has been rocking the baby J's from birth as well, so trust me when I say that if it helps get the hubs involved its all good :) & good night your husband has a ton!!