Monday, April 1, 2013

Hoppy Easter!

Hoppy Easter everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Easter weekend with those that they hold dear. Ours was non-stop, but it was one of the best Easter weekends ever. It is true when they say that the holidays are way more fun when you have children. I already can't wait for next year!

Can you believe my little Easter bunny has changed this much?!? This picture was taken during his newborn session when he was 10 days old. So presch!

Friday Jackson decided he wanted to sport his bunny pants before we ran errands for the day. Not sure why, but these pants are 0-12 months. You know because babies stay the same size for 12 whole months right?? Obviously they were a little big on him, but that didn't stop us from showing off his little bunny feet.

On Saturday Jackson begged me to look like Pooh Bear. Can't you tell how excited he was when I finally caved in and said yes? :)

We ran our last minute errands around town and then went out to my favorite Benihana style restaurant for my dad's birthday. It was delish!

Sunday we woke up early and had a small photo-sesh. A hundred pictures later I realized I captured a smile somewhere around picture three. Whoops. Mommy fail. :)

Then we moved over to the living room to see what the Easter Bunny brought daddy & Jackson. I got the idea for the hub's basket from Jessica. It consisted of a 6pk of Stella (his favorite go-to beer), beef jerky from a local meat house, Spring colored Goldfish, Cookies N' Cream milk straws, a pack of gum & a cooking magazine. Since Jackson has been here I haven't cooked much. The hubs has been great and has taken over the cooking for me so I could focus on spending time with Jackson. The funny thing is he has actually liked it. He started going online a few times a week to even plan out the meals...which is way more detailed than I ever was. I thought it would be a funny extra to throw the cooking magazine in there and he loved it. I wonder if I can use this fun discovery to my advantage for the next 50 years?? :)

Jackson's basket was a little more detailed...

Wooden teether found here

I remember having a Boo-Boo bunny when I was younger. It was vital to have him for any and all scrapped knees or sore fingers. I wanted to make sure Jackson had one, so of course I had it personalized and added it to his basket.

When I was two years old my Grandma gave me a Music Bunny. This quickly became my FAVORITE thing ever. I took this poor bunny everywhere & couldn't sleep without it by my side. Since it was so important to me when I was younger, I figured Jackson needed one also.
Can you tell which one was mine & which one is Jackson's??
 It's hard to tell, right?? :)

What's scary is there were more baskets than just this. Both of Jackson's aunts made him a basket. His Grandma Joyce & Kpa, his Grandpa Mike & my parents all made him one. It was ridiculous how much loot this kid scored.

After checking out the goods, we headed over to Church. Yes...I am certifiably crazy for taking a 5 week old to church, but he did Ah-mazing! It was great too because he was able to experience it with all of his grandparents and one of his aunts there. Easter Sunday service is normally busy...but it was crazy packed with our huge group sitting in the pews.

When we got home it was naptime for the little guy while the rest of us celebrated Easter. I guess singing praise is tiring to a newborn? Lunch was great and the company was even better. 

I hope your Easter was blessed! What did you do to celebrate the holiday??

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  1. oh my goodness, how sweet! i love the easter baskets (and easter baby)!