Monday, September 12, 2011

Live, Laugh, Love & Lipgloss??

So the craziness of packing has begun. I laid everything out over the weekend that I wanted to pack and it took up my entire front bedroom. One may ask if I really need all of the stuff I have laid out? Short answer, yes! :)
The cruise is 7 days and we are getting to Florida 4 days before we get on the boat and staying an additional 2 after we get off. That means a lot of shoes, even more dresses and enough makeup to make me look presentable for an extended period of time.
Now when Michael realized that I was bringing my travel makeup case…

…he nearly flipped. Maybe it is a little much, but I am a makeup artist and this is my wedding people! Everything beauty will be in this bag…ie shampoo, bobby pins, etc. Southwest is going to think I am a crazy bat when I walk in with my wedding dress AND my makeup case for my two carry-ons. :) In my defense half of the make-up I took to Jamaica last year broke because the airlines trash the checked bags. Once I reminded Michael about how much it cost to replace it he was totally okay with me packing my travel case!
Anyway, so aside from the obnoxious amount of beauty products that I plan on lugging across country, I am bringing enough clothes for 3 weeks. Anyone that has ever traveled with me knows I like my options and I am prepared for everything from 110 degree weather to a snowstorm.  The reason for this is my dad always gave my mom such grief when I was little for not packing enough sweatshirts, etc. It was literally engrained into my head to pack for all seasons.  Michael, unfortunately, has yet to grasp this concept so it is always funny to see him watch me pack.
However, this time is different. I think Michael actually has as much crap to bring, minus the makeup, as I do! *pauses as the heavens open up and angels sing* It is great! Now if only he started having to tote around a makeup bag. :)

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