Monday, November 21, 2011

My apologies

So I have already gotten slack from a few people about not writing my 10 Loves Friday. To that I say I apologize and I promise I will not skip this week…even with it being Black Friday. :)

My weekend started off with the Harvest Festival. It was great. I look forward to it every year! I bought a few things and headed home to spend time with the hubby. We caught up on our DVR recordings and just relaxed. It was so nice!

Saturday we got up early and headed over to JFK High for their Craft festival. See a pattern here? :) It wasn’t exactly a craft festival, but it was fun none-the-less. We grabbed some food and headed home so I could lie down because I wasn’t feeling too hot. After a 4 hour nap I headed over to the hospital to visit a friend and bring her some requested goodies and some flowers. I hung out there for a bit and then headed home and back to bed.

I spent all of Sunday in bed. It was the biggest waste of a day ever, but it was something that my body desperately needed.
Now I am back at work, thank goodness it’s a short week, planning what Michael and I are going to be having for Thanksgiving dinner. We were joking the other night that this will be our 4th Thanksgiving together. Man does time fly!

Anyway, if I don’t talk to you all before Thanksgiving…I hope you all have a fun & safe Thanksgiving with your loved ones!

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