Thursday, November 17, 2011

Style differences between man and wife

So I have previously stated how much I love fall and winter. They are by far my two favorite seasons. Only problem is I am never happy with my wardrobe this time of the year. I can wear the same things for summer/spring year after year without any issues, but I love a new wardrobe for the cooler months. Part of that problem is I’ve gained about 10lbs since last fall and the other part is my complete obsession with shopping. There are so many layers that go into an outfit this time of year. It’s not like I can just throw on a sundress and some cute sandals and call it a day…
Anyway, I went to the mall today and realized how much I love the new trends. Everything is vintage looking and more conservative. I love it! I joke with Michael that my “hoochie mamma” days ended a few years ago. There is a time and a place for that and my day-to-day life is not that place. Of course he rolls his eyes and says he liked my clothing taste more 3 years ago than he does now.
My poor husband. He likes my hair blonde and I like it brunette…what do I do, dye it brown. He likes short skirts and plunging necklines…what do I wear, knee length skirts and scoop neck shirts with sleeves. I swear I want him to think I look good, but our styles just don’t match this time of the year. I guess he will just have to wait for spring...

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