Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Bachelorette Dish

So some of you may know that I love me some Emily Maynard. Yes, I am sure she is not as sweet and innocent as she is portrayed, but really who is? She is very mature and looks to be about and genuine as they come. Usually sweet and genuine comes with a little bit of boring. Unfortunately for America; Emily's season on the Bachelorette has been just that...a little boring.

Here are my thoughts on last night's episode...

Chris received the first 1:1 date this week and while I like him, he is not my favorite. They went to dinner at a restaurant in downtown Charlotte. The catch was they had to scale the side of the building to get there. Chris was stoked and Emily was fine until she got about half way up and then she started freaking out a little bit. Unlike me, she looked super cute and stayed calm and collected. If that were me...well let's just say I'd be one hot mess!

After dinner they walked downtown and ended up at a Luke Bryant concert. It was so cute how Chris asked her if he could kiss her at the end of a song. It reminded me of my hubs because he asked me if it was okay before our first kiss. I think it goes without saying that if there's a kiss...the rose tends to follow...

So next up was the group date. Charlie, Alejandro, Stevie, Ryan, Alessandro, Sean, John, Michael, Doug, Jef, Tony and Travis were the lucky ones. They ended up at a park where they were grilled by some of her closest friends and then the children were let loose to keep them entertained while Emily got the dirt.

I am sure most girls melted when Sean talked about his family, faith and then allowed Emily's friend (that was so obviously hitting on him) to sit on his back while he did push-ups for them. Honestly, if I weren't happily married, I'd probably be looking this guy up because he won me over instantly!

Then there was Ryan... He decided that he wanted to sneak in a little more time with Emily so he interrupted girl time to talk to her. While chatting it up with them, the conversation somehow turned to the fact that a lot of women tend to let themself go after being married for awhile. What was Mr. Narcissist's reaction you ask? "I'll still love you if you gain weight, just won't love on you as much!" HMMMMMMM. Open mouth and insert foot?? I get it. He's a sports trainer and obviously being healthy and fit is important to him...but still. That wasn't the smartest thing to say when you've only hung out with her a few times.

Later that night they all got dressed up and got a chance to talk a little more. Emily let Sean know that he passed the "friends" test. Doug opened up to her about his childhood and it brought tears to her (and my) eyes. While I really like him, I don't see the same connection between them that I see her forming with a few of the other guys.

While everyone else is relishing on how great the day was, Tony was missing his son so much that he was separating himself from the group. While he was also another one of my favorites, I think she made the right choice in sending him home.

I jumped up and down a little in my seat when Emily gave the group date rose to Sean. I see that night as a start to something wonderful. :)

The next day we head on over to Dollywood. I have never been there, but after watching last night's episode it is on my bucket list of places to go. When the hubs and I were in Nashville we were told it wasn't worth seeing. Grrr to the person that told us that. It looks like a blast and yes, I am also a Dolly fanatic (and darn proud of it!).

Arie and Emily walked hand in hand through the park and ended up attempting to write a song on Dolly's concert stage. To Emily's surprise Dolly showed up and starting singing a song that she wrote just for them. It was so cute and Emily looked like a kid in the Wonka candy shop.

I really like Arie, but something about him just seems too perfect and off. He reminds me a lot of Brad from the aspect that he is trying really, really hard to win Emily over and it just doesn't seem as natural and genuine as some of the other guys. For right now he is still one of my top favs, but I reserve the right to change my opinion at any time. :)

With all rose ceremonies there will be a few thorns... and this week was no exception. Kalon showed how big of a control freak he truly is by telling Emily in a roundabout way not to interrupt him and Allesandro had the nerve to say that he would be compromising if he married Emily because she already had a daughter. Honestly, I don't know who I would have smacked first. Thankfully Emily sent Allesandro packing right away and had a momentary laps in judgment when she kept Kalon. While Stevie was sooooo not the one for her, I would have kicked Kalon to the curb on principal. If he is okay with talking to a girl like that after only a few dates, and on NATIONAL television, then how will he treat her when they're married??

So now that I've written a complete novel, I will leave you with this...

My favorites as of 5/28
Sean: I think he is the total package. Smart, well spoken, family/faith orientated, funny respectful, gorgeous...

Charlie: He hasn't said much so far...but there is just something about him that I just like. I really hope he opens up soon because he is one of my favorites and I don't want to see him go...

Jef: There is just something about him that intrigues me.

The guys that are still there, but need to gooooo

Kalon: Ick # 1

Ryan: Ick #2. While I understand why he said what he said, it was still out of line. Plus his comment at the end about how he will beat Arie in this competition doesn't sit well with me. It's about Emily, not beating the other guys. Ugh.


  1. Hi there, coming to your blog from today's link up. I agree with everything you wrote. I pretty much like the same guys on my post for today. Sean is definitely my #1 guy. I'm hoping Emily picks him, but if not, hoping he's the next Bachelor! I also wish Kalon would go home!


  2. Love it!! And completely agree with you. I like Doug, too...but you're right about them not having as good of a connection as she does with some of the others. I love Charlie as well! But unfortunately, I see him becoming the "Jamie" from Ben's season....never really gets a lot of camera time..but manages to hang on til the final few :/ hoping he proves me wrong, though!!

  3. Hahaha - I totally agree with you!!! Ryan and Kalon are not on my good side!! When Ryan said that to Emily - even my husband turned and said "oh boy"! :) Thanks for linking up today girlie! :)

  4. Ahhh- I LOVE Dollywood, I can't believe someone told you it wasn't worth your time?! I've been twice and have loved it both as a child and an adult. You definitely need to go :)

    Arie is my absolute favorite right now, I seriously DO think he seems genuine. I hope he proves this to you soon ;)

  5. It sounds to me like Ryan is just there to beat the other guys! I hate that! :(

  6. I feel the same way about Arie! I really really like him, but I feel like there's just something that maybe isn't so genuine about him. I think Sean is her best match for sure!! And I love how you did Ick #1 & #2! LOL. So funny!!!

  7. i am loving your bachelorette re-cap! sean is definitely my top pick for her right now also i am biased because my husband's name is sean too.