Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Speed Dating

So I waited over an hour for all of my photos from the month to download last night and then started to sift through them. The problem was I didn't have time to go through all of them before I passed out on the sofa, so it looks like my May recap won't be up until tomorrow.

In the meantime, I have decided to participate in another link up from This Little Momma's page. The idea behind it is to get to know the author of the blog since there are so many of us! I love posts like that because I feel like I tend to follow blogs when I think the author is funny, sweet, etc...but what do I really know about them??

Even though I am a married woman... on to the Speed Dating! :)

  • I am a Cancer and was born on my grandfather's birthday. I had my name put on the SF Giants Jumbotron years ago for my 21st birthday. It was no surprise when his name was right there too. Even though yesterday marked the 21st anniversary of his death, I still want him included in my birthday festivities. :)
  • The SF Giants are my all time favorite team and I will love them no matter what. They were my grandpa's team and have turned into my favorite over the years. GO GIANTS!!
  • I love people watching! I could sit at a coffee shop for hours and just gaze at the world around me. People are so different, yet so similar at the same time.
  • I love coffee, but can't drink it every day. I may go a week without having a drop of it, but the day I have a cup I tend to have 2-3.
  • I am Catholic and Michael had never even been to church. That was a major issue when we first started dating since I enjoy church services and wanted my children raised knowing that Sunday morning's were reserved for church. After too much discussion we agreed that he did not need to go to church with me now, but when we start our family we would go as a family. If our children decide that they do not want to go to church, when they are much older of course, then he could stay home with them. I thought it was the perfect compromise and I love him for it!
  • We have 3 dogs and a cat currently. To say our home is filled with the sounds of little feet is a complete understatement.

  • I have 4 tattoos, but most people wouldn't know I have any. In fact, it took my boss over a year to realize I have 1 and was shocked when I said I actually have 4.
  • The first time I was published I was in the 3rd grade. Since then I have been published over 14 times and the last time was for our city's newspaper. It was an article I wrote about the lack of stable jobs in the area and a few of our friends still talk about it.
  • I went to school for English Education and a Minor in Psychology. I worked in a classroom for a year and then realized that I wanted to try other things. Since then I have gone through the Police Academy, graduated from a makeup academy and am currently taking interior design courses. Did I mention I work in HR?
  • While I am a huge country music fan, I also enjoy 70's, 80's and 90's. What can I say...I'm eclectic?
  • I love to start things but never tend to finish them. I always have the best intentions, but somehow it never works out. This started when I was younger and joined/quit jazz, tap, ballet, gymnastics, piano, cheerleading, softball, etc. Maybe this is where the idea of me being a forever student comes from??
  • I have never lived outside of California. If I had my way, however, we would have moved far away from this state a long time ago.
Well there you go. I hope you enjoyed learning a few more random facts about me. I would love to learn more about you all. Join in on the fun and leave me a comment so I know to check out your page!


  1. I enjoy people watching as can be so hilarious sometimes!

    I'm currently struggling with the decision of whether or not to get a tattoo. I would most definitely get it in a place where most people, besides beach-goers, would ever see. Hopefully I'll make up my mind soon!

    So awesome that you've tried so many different things. My older brother's girlfriend is an interior designer and she LOVES it! Good luck!!

  2. your blog is so nice. keep posting! can we follow each other?

  3. The Diamondbacks are playing the Giants as we speak...and I'm watching it...go Dbacks! =) Hahaha!! What a fun idea for a post! Loved getting to know you more! And I love that you love country music!! It is indeed THE best!

  4. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that feels our furbaby needs a photo with Santa! Love it!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll definitely be following yours! :)

  5. Loved your facts! I have four dogs in my house, so I completely understand what it's like! You can always move to Arkansas! :)

  6. what a classy, classy blog! found you via the link up!! i lOVE that you have 4 tattoos- i've been wanting one for a super long time. it always comes back in the summer... maybe THIS summer will be the summer i get one :)

  7. Tattoos are addicting. Cute blog, I enjoy it!