Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

So, I am officially horrible. I told myself I would catch up on posts, spring cleaning straightening up, and would download the ten dozen photos that are waiting to be posted. Instead of keeping my promise, this is what the last few weeks have been like: Cinco de Derby party, my 2-day work retreat, Mother's Day, doctor's appointments up the wazoo, the wine trip with friends, my FIL having a heart attack, getting ready for Memorial Day... I mean I am getting worn out just rereading what has happened in May! My friend calls me the energizer bunny and sometimes I want to say that these Duracell batteries are about to die.

Now it's Thursday and it's been over 2 weeks since my last attempt at a post. Really? I want a refund on those darn batteries!!

Okay, I am done blaming a brand of batteries that I don't even use. On with my Thursday Thoughts!

1. As I've said before, I am OBSESSED with RHONJ. It's horrible to admit it, but it's really one of my guilty pleasures. Honestly though, I think I watch it for the fashion. Between the Jersey ladies and Emily, I am in fashion heaven. Ebay loves me right now and my husband is pulling out his hair.

2. I have instantly become a fan of acupuncture. My mom had a friend when I was growing up that was hooked on different pain medications and I refuse to ever go there. In an attempt to still feel great normal, I started looking into other treatment forms. I really do think my doctor has my best interest at heart, but I am the kind of person that doesn't even like taking Benadryl for my allergies. I went into my first appointment somewhat skeptical, but was converted instantly!

3. I really should have gone with my gut, but as I said above, I love RHONJ. Some of the housewives promote BLK water....and let me tell you, it's NASTY. I could get past the fact that I am drinking black water, which is wrong on so many levels, but it is gritty and has the worst after taste. I had to drink coffee afterwards to get the taste out of my mouth.  Ick!

4. I am really loving Tiffany over at The Coffeehouse. She is is so stinking funny and consistently posts *gives myself a swift kick in the butt*.

5. I am beyond excited to be going camping this weekend for Memorial Day. I really need to get away and just relax. While a lot of people may not think camping is relaxing; I happen to think there isn't much out there that is more relaxing. Hurry up Friday!!

6. I am officially going back to scheduling my posts ahead of time so I never *crosses fingers* go back to missing 2 weeks again. Next week I will have posts that cover the entire month or May and maybe even another room update.


  1. I have thought about what the blk water tastes like, I didn't really imagine it being tasty! good to know!

  2. Such a great blog! Love your syle darling :) you cand follow my blog\? kisses