Friday, June 15, 2012

Guest Post: Schue Love Lasts Forever

Happy Friday everyone! I am beyond excited to welcome my guest blogger for the day. Most of you may know her as the mommy-to-be fashionista over at Schue Love. I love reading her blogs and I hope you will too! Enjoy!

Hey there!  I'm Natasha from Schue Love...a blog that focuses on fashion, food, decor & more!  The "more" specifically being our little bun in the oven on the way!  ;)  I'm so happy to here today...Amanda and I  have a lot in common, like our love for our pets, reading, and of course, the Bachelorette!  ;)

Since my blog is very much focused on lifestyle, I thought I would give you a quick recap on my life...particularly my love story with my husband, and how we ended up here!

My husband and I met nearly 10 years college!  I was a freshmen, fresh off the boat from Southern CA and excited about the adventure ahead at college.  He was a frat boy {Beta to be specific!} and from Tahoe of all places.  We actually met at a fraternity party {I romantic!} and it's been one wild ride ever since!

Several years later with a stint in Sacramento, he proposed and we moved to his hometown.  I never thought I would end up in Tahoe, but here I am and I love it!

We got married on August 14, 2009 in Tahoe...which was a magical day!
{You can read more about our wedding here}

Bought and renovated our first home!
{You can read more about the remodeling process here}

Welcomed Wilson, our golden retriever, into our lives.

And now we have a little boy on the way!  The last nine months have been such an adventure...and I can't believe all that we have ahead in this next chapter.  It's hard to believe that the once "frat boy" is now my best friend, husband and soon-to-be dad!  I've been documenting my pregnancy as all about it here.

Thanks so much to Amanda for having me today!

xo natasha


  1. Thanks so much for having me today Amanda!! xo

  2. LOved reading your love story Natasha! :)