Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello Monday & Is That Normal

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was nice, but nowhere near long enough. Isn't that always how it is though?? Anyway, I have a ton of photos I still need to download, so I will have my recap ready for you all tomorrow.

In the meantime I am linking up (yes, another link up) to Chalk in the Rain's Is That Normal post. Last week I was late and this week I am early... does this remind anyone else of The 3 Little Bears storyline? Maybe next week I will be just right?


Is it normal to pretend you didn't already know about someone/something via Facebook when it comes up in a "real life" conversation with that person?

What is the point in pretending you didn't know? If someone posts something on Facebook they obviously want people to know whatever it is they are posting. Unless you are a stupid criminal, most people know that if you put anything on Facebook it usually spreads like wildfire.


Is it normal to "fart and walk away?"

 Haha, the hubs does this ALL the time. He calls it "crop dusting".


Is it normal to spy on your neighbors?

  Our neighbor spys on us all of the time...and it's soooo annoying! Yes, we are just that cool that one of our neighbors feels the need to  stand on their patio furniture to peer into our backyard/ knock on our door when we have people over. Did I mention we have the neighbor from hell??? ANYWAY, no, it's not normal...


Is it normal to read your boyfriend's/husband's texts?

 Yes & No. If he asks me to check who sent him something or shows me something then yes. To spy on him, no. If you can't trust him then why are you with him?!?!


Is it normal to compulsively check social media for notifications?

Nope...but that's why they come to my email. :) 


Is it normal for a 20-something woman to listen to Rap/Hip Hop?

 Yes. When I was in jr. high and high school that is all I listened to. Every once in a while I will throw in an old cd and try to rap like Eminem or Diddy.


Is it normal to take toiletries from a hotel?

It may not be normal to some, but that is how I provide toiletries in my guest bathroom at home. I paid to stay there and they were put out with the intentions of me using them...does it really matter if I use them there or at home? In all honesty I stayed in a hotel this last weekend and I came home with a ton of toiletries. :) I mean, it's not like I took that plush robe they had there for me. I can draw a line somewhere...


Is it normal for your dog to sleep in your bed?

This is the great debate in my house. I say yes, the hubs says no. Hopefully you all say yes so I can show him I am not the only crazy one that loves my dogs enough to sleep next to them. :) 


Is it normal to taste test grapes out of the bag at the grocery store?'s actually kind of nasty. If you don't buy that bag then I get a bag that someone else has eaten out of...and we all know you didn't wash your hands after touching that nasty shopping cart. Yuck.


Is it normal for men to shape their eyebrows?
Sure. The hubs trims his so he doesn't have a random long hair here or there and makes sure he doesn't have a unibrow. He doesn't actually shape them though. If other guys want to shape their eyebrows, who am I to say that's wrong?


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  2. YES! for the most part, yes:-) Too funny! xoxo

  3. Haha funny stuff. New follower here! Found you from Chalk in the Rain :)

  4. Thanks for linking up today!! :) loved reading your responses!!

  5. HA! Such a fun post...I often wonder the same things myself!! ;)