Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jackson's a Month Old!

Happy one month birthday bubbs! How are you a month old already?? It feels like I rushed to the hospital to deliver you just yesterday but somehow it's been a month. It's crazy how fast time is flying! Something tells me it's only going this fast because you are such an easy baby...even Olivia said that at your newborn photo session! :) You are growing and changing daily and while I am sad that you are getting bigger: I am excited to see what each day brings. 
I have heard people say for years that having a baby is a different kind of love and I am realizing just how true that really is. While life before you was fun; it was nothing compared to this last month! I love you Jackson. I can't wait to see what comes next!

Weight: I'm not exactly sure, but you were 6lbs 13oz at your 2 week checkup. While I know that you're still small, remember you were 3 weeks early and only 5lbs 13oz at birth. I am almost positive you are well over 7lbs now too because you are finally fitting into some of your 0-3 clothing. You also measured at 21 inches at your appointment, which is up from 19.5 at birth.

Health: You had a small eye infection due to the jaundice, but that cleared up after 4 days of medicine. Now you are a healthy little boy!

Sleep: Remember when I said you were an easy baby? This is one area that makes you are super easy! While most new parents live on little to no sleep, we were getting solid 4 hour stretches during the night. By 3 weeks you were sleeping 5.5 hours during the night. Ah-mazing really are amazing.

Diet: 100% breastmilk. This is the other area that makes you such an easy baby. You eat like a champ and never had a latch problem. Thank goodness because we've got to fatten you up! :)

Clothes: You are still a mixture of newborn clothes and 0-3.

Baby Gear Love: You love, love, love your vibrating chair! It's been a lifesaver some days. You also love the Ergo baby carrier (mommy can't figure out how to make the Moby work) and your bathtub. The minute we put you into your tub you're alert and coo during your entire bath. It's too cute.

Crying: You only cry when you're gassy, hungry or have a dirty diaper. Your hungry cry is the cutest thing ever too. It's sounds like a vibrating cry/scream. You even shake your head. There really is no mistaking that cry for a tired/dirty diaper cry.

Likes: I think it's a tie between eating, basking in the sunlight, sleeping on my chest or taking a bath. All four of those things instantly make you a happy baby.

My child...the sun worshiper!
This was the face you gave me when I
took you out of your first bath.  Haha
Postpartum: I was sore for about 2 weeks after, but other than that I have felt great. I am only a few pounds heavier than my prepregnancy weight, so it really is true what they say about breastfeeding! I am looking forward to my 6 week appointment though because I am itching to get back in the gym.

Milestones/ Firsts: You are making eye contact now and it's amazing! :) You also celebrated your first St. Patricks Day at your grandma & Papa K's house. You also got to meet the Easter Bunny today. I know it changed your life even though you slept through it. :)

Your first St. Patricks Day!
Don't mind me...I was looking directly into the sun.

 Here are a few bloopers from his monthy photo. :)

"What time is it? Are we done yet??"
"Ugh...I am soooo bored!"

Special thanks to Little Baby Garvin for the One Month chalkboard round!

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  1. Happy one month Jackson! & You my dear, look fabulous!!